Hydrogel Golf Mask with UV protection

Hydrogel Golf Mask with UV protection and moisturizing, a game-changer in skincare. Our factory specializes in producing golf masks. We’ve developed this innovative mask with UV protection and moisturization, catering to golfers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Product Description

The Hydrogel Golf Mask with UV protection and moisturizing is a game-changer in skincare. Our factory specializes in producing golf masks with features of UV protection and moisturization, catering to outdoor enthusiasts.

Crafted with cutting-edge hydrogel technology, it forms a protective barrier against harmful UV rays, safeguarding your skin during long hours under the sun. Meanwhile, its deeply hydrating properties replenish moisture, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Whether you’re hitting the greens or simply enjoying outdoor activities, our Hydrogel Golf Mask ensures your skin stays healthy, hydrated, and protected, so you can focus on what you love most.

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Purpose and Usage of Hydrogel golf mask


Prolonged exposure to sunlight can penetrate deep into the skin, reaching the dermis layer and leading to premature aging, loss of elasticity, and the appearance of sunspots, fine lines, and dryness. Sunscreen golf mask offers a comprehensive solution to combat these effects of sun damage.


Crafted from advanced elastic materials, jelly sunscreen golf mask provides a breathable and refreshing experience. Designed to fit various face shapes, they offer effective protection against harmful ultraviolet rays. Indulge in the luxurious comfort and secure fit provided by these masks, ensuring you can enjoy the outdoors while safeguarding your skin’s health.



Material and Comfort of Hydrogel golf mask


Information on the materials used to make the mask, focusing on breathability and comfort during physical activity. It’s important that the mask does not hinder breathing or cause discomfort while playing.

The golf mask utilizes a specialized sun protection fabric engineered to shield your skin from the sun’s harmful rays during outdoor activities. This innovative fabric is crafted with high-quality materials that have been rigorously tested to ensure superior UV protection, effectively blocking both UVA and UVB rays. Its lightweight and breathable design make it comfortable to wear for extended periods, ideal for long days on the golf course or any outdoor adventure. With its advanced technology and exceptional sun-blocking properties, the sun protection fabric in our golf mask provides peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy your time outdoors without compromising on skin safety.


The hydrogel ingredients features moisturizing, lifing, and anti-wrinkle. Here are ingredients lists. WATER,

GLYCERIN,SODILM POLYACRYLATE, CELLULOSE GLM, TARTARIC ACID, PROPYLENE GLYCOL, DIAZOLIDINYL UREA, IODOPROPYNYL, BUTYLCARBAMATE, ALLMINLM GLYCINATE, DISODIUM EDTA, ALOE , BARBADENSIS LEAF EXTRACT, 1,2-HEXANEDIOI, CITRIC ACID. Being professional hydrogel mask factory, we can also incorporate active ingredients according to customer requirements to meet higher skincare standards.

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Design and Featuresof hydrogel golf mask:

Whether the mask has any specific features that benefit golfers, such as UV protection, moisture-wicking properties, or integration with other golf gear like glasses and hats.

Effectivenessof hydrogel golf mask:

How effective the mask is in fulfilling its intended purpose, such as providing adequate face coverage, blocking harmful sun rays, or keeping the face warm in cold conditions.


Ideal for both outdoor adventures and daily activities, our versatile sunscreen mask is your go-to solution for all-day protection and comfort. Whether you’re teeing off on the golf course, casting your line while fishing, trekking through rugged trails, cycling through scenic routes, or enjoying beachside fun, our mask provides reliable UV protection while keeping you cool and refreshed.


But that’s not all – it’s also perfect for everyday use. Whether you’re behind the wheel, catching some Z’s, unwinding after a long day, or pampering your skin at home, our mask offers unparalleled versatility and convenience. Say goodbye to sun damage and hello to effortless protection, no matter where life takes you.


Style and Customizationof hydrogel golf mask:

We can customized the shapes of golf mask. And we can adjust our formulas to meet higher skincare needs. The cost of make a new mold is around USD 300. So it is easy to make different shapes. We already have some existing shapes. Welcome to contact us for the catalog.

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