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how to keep tender feet

1.What is foot peel mask?

Haoto Bio is leading factory for foot peel mask. How to keep tender feet? It is the best foot skincare solution to move rough, dry, cracked and peeling heels. Foot peeling mask is made by thin and skin friendly membrane cloth to fit your foot, and the main ingredients are Lactic acid, lavender, aloe, and glycerin. It has functions of moisturizing and deeply hydrating the feet, peeling off the dead skin, eliminating dullness, and preventing fines lines on feet.

2.Does foot peel mask really work?

Why the foot peeling mask can help to soften calluses and exfoliate dead skin on feet? That is because it contains lactic acid and fruit acid, which helps to speed up cell metabolism and promote the aging and shedding of hard skin on the feet. Then we can see our dead skin will fall off, which is what we mean “peeling”.

After foot peeling mask treatment, we should know this effect is not permanent. Because the human body’s cuticle will automatically renew in the metabolic cycle within 28 days, and the foot mask only accelerates the renewal speed. After about 28 days, the horny calluses caused by footstep friction will reappear.

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How to treat cracked heels

3.Do foot peel mask works on cracked heels?

If the cracked heels are caused by dry skin and slow metabolism, then question is yes! Foot peeling mask will help to accelerate metabolism and exfoliation. At the same time, foot mask can help to moisturize and soothe the dry skin, which will have a very good effect on repairing cracked heels. But if cracked heels are caused by fungal infection or vitamin deficiency, then it is better to follow the guidance of a doctor.  

4.Is foot peel mask safe?

Are you worry about using foot peeling mask? It is safe to use the foot mask, because the ingredient ratio is strictly controlled during production and the concentration of the acid in the essence of the foot mask has been tested according to technical standards for cosmetics. There will be no problem for most people. But it should be noted that the use time must follow the requirements of the product. It is very important to read the instructions carefully and follow them accordingly.

5.How often should you do a foot peeling mask?

Our feet are often neglected. After foot peeling mask treatment we will be so glad to have soften, soothe and hydrated feet. Can we do foot peel mask frequently? The regular rule is to use a foot mask once a week. The key is to follow product instruction. But it should be also depend on our skin type. For sensitive skin, it is best to use it every two weeks in order to avoid irritation.

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