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Natural Skincare Factory Professinal In Producing Hydrogel Patch & Mask. We Focus on Private Label and OEM Eye Patch, Lip Patch, Face Mask, Foot Peel Mask, Etc.

We were founded in 2017. Doctor Yu and Doctor Luo built this company after 20 years of Expertise and Experience in skin care, personal care and color cosmetic industry.

They created their own formulations for hydrogel mask. With top hydrogel technology and natural ingredients, these masks are designed to deliver moisture ingredients deep into the skin but no only stays on the skin’s surface.

Our value is to help companies and business owners to strive for the beauty and cosmetic market with our advantage in both formulation and production ability.

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Discovering the Ingredients of Natural Skincare Factory-Haoto

All hydrogel mask products are formulated mainly with hyaluronic acid, collagen and plant extracts. We dedicate to work on natural skincare products with ingredients sourced from nature. Our ingredients are chosen for their nourishing, soothing, and beneficial properties for the skin. Here are some common categories of ingredients used in our hydrogel mask products:

Plant Oils and Butters:

Coconut oil:
Olive oil:

Herbal Extracts:

Aloe vera:
Green tea:
Essential Oils:
Lavender oil:
Tea tree oil:

Fruit and Vegetable Extracts:

Carrot seed oil:
Nuts and Seeds:

Vitamins and Antioxidants:

Vitamin E:
Vitamin C:
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Exploring The Services of Hydrogel Natural Skincare Factory-Haoto

private label for hydrogel patch & mask

Private label by skincare factory for hydrogel patch & mask

Clients can choose our hydrogel mask skincare products which are formulated with standard or customizable ingredients.

Branding and Packaging: The client can customize the packaging, labeling, and branding of our skincare products to align with their own brand identity. This includes designing labels, selecting packaging materials, and often adding their own logo and product names.

Formulation Customization: As professional hydrogel mask manufacturer, we can offer the options to customize the formulation to cater to specific skin types, concerns, or ingredient preferences. This allows clients to create unique products tailored to their target market.

OEM by natural skincare factory for hydrogel patch & mask-Haoto

OEMODM Process

The Team Build Natural Skincare Factory-Haoto

our team1

Jack Yu

Product Development Manager

Jack has been working in skincare industry for 20 years and he keeps working on natural skincare formulas for very long time. Jack has lead his team to develop many innovative formulas for our customers.

our team2

Tony Liao

Production Manager

Tony is in charge of the production team. He is very good at allocating labor resources, tracking production schedules and cost adjustments. He is very responsible, no mater for our clients or our workers.

our team3

Jennifer Li

Quality assurance manager

Jennifer is responsible for monitoring and ensuring high-quality standards in production, inspecting processes and develop strategies. She pursuits the highest standard and keeps the perfection.

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